About Woody Woodclick



Woody Woodclick
We are a family carpentry business that’s been operating for 15 years. We put our heart and soul into every piece of wood.
Although our workshop is located in Poland, we are shipping worldwide.
Our turnaround (production + shipping) is 9-14 days.
Our products not only have an interesting design, but they are also made with extraordinary attention to detail.



For us, the process of creating each box is more than just a job. While creating our boxes, we always bear in mind that the effect of our work must fully satisfy every person that sees it. Each and every box is treated with special care while giving it a lot of love and attention so that the end result is outstanding. When carefully creating our products, we always remember that we have to impress not only you but also the people you give it to. We are confident that our great attention to carpentry detail will make the person opening the box absolutely amazed.

Environmental friendliness
Our products are made using only wood with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate. This certification ensures that the wood used comes from forests with sustainable forest management and that the acquisition of the wood wasn’t harmful to the environment. During production, we don’t use harmful chemicals that could have a negative impact on the planet, on our employees, or on the people who buy our products. We try to make our products genuinely natural by using wood in its raw form.

International reach
Our products have been sold all over the world. Not only have they been given as gifts to brides and grooms in the USA, fledgling parents in China, and Italian models, but they’ve also appeared at royal courts. We deliver our wooden boxes to countries all around the world.