How it's made

For us, the process of creating each box is more than just a job. When carefully creating our products, we always remember that we have to impress not only you but also the people you give it to

Woody Woodclick Provides Exceptional Boxes For Next-Level Presentation

(...) Overall, if you are a photographer looking to add the next level of presentation to your client’s delivery, then we don’t believe Woody Woodclick products could steer you wrong. (...)

Exquisite packaging that always excites my clients!

My clients love their USB boxes, I love my USB boxes and when you hold your first Woody Woodclick box you'll love them too. With my company logo etched on top these boxes look stunning and they complete my wedding service perfectly. Thank you so much!

So impressed with the quality!

I ordered wooden usb boxes for my photography business and I opted for the square design rather than the larger rectangle that I had ordered previously. I love the size, shape and all round feel of the boxes. They are perfect and I love how my logo looks on the lid and the usb. My clients absolutely love them too. I'll definitely be ordering more in the future. Thank you!

Beyond expectations

I’m in awe of this company. The customer service was fantastic. The boxes came sooo fast ESPECIALLY for them coming acrosss the Atlantic Ocean! And they are beautiful. The engravings are perfectly done. The tiny details of my logo look great on the flash drives. Awesome!

Those professionals already work with Woody Woodclick